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Never before in our national history did the best minds of India move out in such spectacular numbers to serve communities in distant foreign lands, living amidst unusual climates, strange food habits, peculiar social customs and confusing cultural environments.

Everywhere young Indians are scoring success with their performances in science and technology, commerce and art.
Registration open on 11th Dec 2010 for Pre-Nursery to 8th standard.
DPS Dhamtari
The purpose of education is manifold. Literacy and employment are its primary aims. Another purpose is to make students capable of living their lives fully at...

DPS Dhamtari School Activities
Delhi Public School Dhamtari offer a host of activities and a comprehensive list linke is given below...

Early Childhood Center
DPS Photo Gallery
In early childhood children have an incredible capacity to observe, absorb and learn. Learning and development during these few critical years occurs at...

An individual differs from others due to his vision of life, which includes his values and ideals. To develop the right vision in our children is to create a generation of truly educated, refined and noble citizens, inspired and equipped to serve the world in various...

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